Got Pets? Going Away?

PetsPet care with a real difference

You know your pets miss you terribly when you’re away. Annie’s special understanding of animals and their needs makes your absence easier for them to bear.

We do more than care for your pet …

pets2Tailoring her visits to your pet’s needs, she is happy to bring in your newspaper and mail, turn lights off and on, check your answering machine and water your plants … and maybe more … just ask! You’ll find Annie and her team flexible and always willing to help.

There is no additional charge for these extra services. Annie considers these things part of her job – providing you with complete peace of mind while you’re away.

Basic services:pets5

Standard pet sitting service includes up to four visits daily; enough time for a walk and to replenish food and water. Other arrangements can be made as necessary.

Enhanced services:

Overnight care in your home is just the ticket for pets who enjoy constant human contact. Annie becomes part of their normal landscape, doing all the things you do to make your pet’s life so meaningful. A swim in the pool? A walk to favorite spots? Meals right on time in their very own bowls? All these things happen. Of course it’s not as good as having you at home, but it’s close. Call for rates & availability.


Additional services:

  • Daily dog walking … for those times when you can’t be there. Does your dog need exercising? We like to jog or swim with them! Available 10 am - 2 pm daily.
  • Is your pet taking medication? We’ll handle it. There’s never any extra charge with regular pet sitting.

Coastal Property Check

Annie's husband Tom Harms owns and operates Coastal Property Check, the perfect service for people who own second homes or spend a great deal of time away. An Iowa farm boy, Tom has a particular passion for keeping things in order. Tom will ensure that your lawn and pool services are being performed correctly and on schedule, that all home systems are operating normally and generally keep a close eye on your home so you can rest comfortably. If deliveries or contractors need access, he will ensure they have access too. For rates and more information give Tom a call: 727 865-0004 or email him at

Are you ready to get started?


Annie will be happy to meet with you to discuss a visitation schedule that will work for you and your pet. Call for a free consultation and interview: (727) 865-0004. Or Email us at

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